Ep 116 – Dad Bod Boba Fett

IT’S THE ICEMAN! And he’s back like he never left and caught an illness that could potentially infect anyone and everyone around him. Nope, the Chairman slathered himself with enough Zicam swabs to make his way back to the program (remotely mind you), and he wasted no time reminding his cohorts about the all of the awful takes they were missing in his absence. There was the usual over analysis of everything Apple, followed by a prolonged breakdown of an explosive week of news in the Spiderverse.  Eventually, the nerdom veered into the latest happenings in Mando country but SOMEONE just couldn’t stop fixating on a certain 60 year old bounty hunter’s aging physique. Honestly, it might not be who you think is… except it’s exactly who you think it is. Listen for confirmation.