About the show

You know those podcasts that go in-depth and give you incredible insight on a variety of topics? The ones that conduct research on issues and offer fresh, nuanced takes that make you think? The kind of broadcast product that takes a fair and honest slant on the issues of the day, as opposed to the constant deluge of hot takes that permeate our day to day lives?
Yeah this probably isnʼt one of those shows.
Put it this way: If topics were wide receivers, our hosts would probably tackle them as well as Adam Archuleta. And in case youʼre not a Redskins historian, thatʼs bad.



Montri (or “Ice” as he was inexplicably nicknamed by his foreign parents) is a born and raised Northern Virginian. Real scourge of the earth. I mean, salt of the earth. Anyway, heʼs an accomplished designer with an affinity for photography, DC sports and the kind of toys that only a real geek could appreciate. I mean, he was baptized in the Church of Apple before the first iMac for chrissake



Ngoc (NUH-GAHK or “Jack” as he was inexplicably nicknamed by his foreign parents) was born on a ship so technically, his birth and citizenship are subject to the maritime laws of the South China Sea. Ok, maybe not but heʼs definitely not from here. In any case, he overcame all that to become a naturalized citizen and an above average pickup basketball player. He currently pays taxes in Fairfax county and occasionally roots for the local football team that shall go nameless. B/c racism.



John (no nickname as he is the only host with a proper Christian name) hails from the most bizarre locale of the three: Portland, Oregon! Unfortunately, he was whisked away by his family to the “Least Coast” well before the food truck and craft beer boom of the early aughts. So instead of enjoying a Deschutes and pho served by a white guy in a food pod, heʼs been stuck in traffic in and around the DC area for the last 30-odd years. He bit his lip during the writing of this paragraph.