Ep 117 – We Meaning Me

For the uninitiated (and we are initiated), this episode is NERDDDDDY AF. (Seriously, you’ve been forewarned.) But what else would you expect in the wake of Disney’s seemingly endless volley of announcements from their 2020 Investor Day? Did you really think they’d dwell on Tom Cruise’s unhinged-but-totally-understandable verbal undressing of his M.I. crew about COVID precautions? Or maybe you thought they’d spend a minute or ten on the suddenly pleasant 2020 campaign for YOUR Washington Football Team? Or perhaps you believed the guys would spend an ungodly amount of time on the holiday exploits of the former Mrs. Tommy Mottola? Well spoiler alert: All of this happened. And then some. So grab your phone, take a selfie, and commit this one to memory. The holiday season for the boys BS will never not be interesting. (I think.)