Ep 118 – A New Hoop

You would think the guys had their collective fill of nerdy banter last week, with all the Star Wars news and Marvel innuendo. You could certainly think that but sadly, you would be mistaken. No, there’s no canning of the nerdspeak, not when the powers that be have a season of the Mandalorian to bring to a close. And close it they did. Naturally, there’s plenty of fallout, and the boys are here for ALL OF IT. It’s not a total loss though, as the guys remember it’s Christmas week. And with everyone but AJ blowing town, there’s no better time for the guys to put their generosity on display. Of course, it gets weird when the topic of a formerly philandering golfer and his young son comes up in discussion. Just how weird will be in the eye of the beholder. Anyway, have a listen, feel the spirit… and stay the hell at home. Merry Krimble and happy holidays, ya PHILthy animals.