Ep 122 – We Won!

JJ returns from his ‘legitimate’ hiatus to a NOiCE episode for the history books! [Sidebar: HBD Mrs. Iceman!] The Sneaker Sleuth takes time to address the slights (both real and imagined) that were levied against him the week prior. When the dust settles, the BS brothers discuss everything Inauguration Day 2021, to include: the emergence of the Bernie memes, a variety of onstage hits and misses, as well as a hall-of-fame sneaker flex that could’ve eclipsed an otherwise peaceful transition of power. And before long, the guys get around to discussing Marvel’s foray into episodic television with the premiere of WandaVision. Of course, a party ain’t a party until you start pondering just how many streaming services is too many. Grab a glass of your favorite, green labeled libation and follow along… for the children.