Ep 143 – Balls in the Air

A late audible by the Iceman leaves the co-moderators to carry out another two man show this week. AJ recounts his harrowing tale under the knife, and along the way, he provides a glimpse at the movies and shows that filled his week in post surgery recovery. Of course, one of those programs just happened to be Marvel’s latest Disney+ entry, “Loki”, and mods 1 & 2 wasted no time dissecting the proceedings from episode 1. Nerd stuff aside, the boys finally got around to finalizing the field for the Bad Slant Baddest Chicken Sandwich tourney, nearly a month after conceiving the damned thing. Lastly, AJ made clear he wasn’t just sitting quietly at home waiting for surgery this past month, as he revealed his longstanding efforts to return to the throne of the Parlay King. If nothing else, it’s an interesting one this week, so grab a cold libation, pop in your airpods, and have a listen.