Ep 151 – Not Good, Not Horrible

On the heels AJ and JJ’s pre-planned vacays, the Chairman followed through on his threat of a hastily planned break from the show. Once the shock wore off, the remaining hosts celebrated the latest #NoIce show by waxing poetic on how the still-on-going pandemic affected Marvel’s plans for Black Widow, Loki, and Phase 4 of the MCU in general. Of course, you can’t talk Marvel with AJ this week without discussing how Chloe Bennett’s departure from the live-action PowerPuff Girls project might tie directly into the impending multiversal era of the MCU. Oh, and there’s a few minutes of non-nerd talk devoted to fried chicken, crappy hard seltzers, and overrated basketball players with bad haircuts. Strap on your freshest pair of Off Whites and listen intently.