Ep 171 – DO YOUR JOB

With the pandemic reaching scary new heights, it’s safe to say the holiday spirit was in short supply this week. But what the guys lacked in residual Christmas cheer, they made up for it with enthusiasm and an abundance of nerdy, cinematic banter. The spoilery smorgasbord was kept to a dull roar for most of the show, as the boys tackled an uneven, though mostly positive run for the Hawkeye show on Disney+. The words were far less kind as the focus shifted to the new and softly rebooted Matrix film franchise. But as soon as the dial turned toward the new Spiderman flick, all bets were off. So if you’ve yet to experience the grandeur of the MCU’s latest entry in the Spiderverse, you probably wanna pull the ripcord at around the 80 minute mark. Otherwise, strap on your web shooters and dive right in.