Ep 172 – No Supporters

It’s a girthy one this week, as the guys look back on a rather hum drum start to 2022. Once again, COVID put a damper on the festivities, but it was an especially dour occasion for the three principles as they each limped across the finish line of 2021. Of course, it ain’t a new year without some modest attempts at self improvement.  The brothers decided to try their hands at a Dry January, albeit for much different reasons. When AJ describes his latest in a string of personal calamities, you’ll wonder how he made it through the first weekend without a drink (or 6). The Iceman eventually tries to lighten the mood by offering a glimpse at all the tech debuting at this year’s CES, while also teasing a return to the realm of “fried chicken”. Speaking of returns, the guys ponder whether a new identify is enough to bring a Football-Team-With-No-Name back to glory. Ditch the Korbel, put the bagels out of reach, and have a listen, fellow Smilers.