Ep 185 – No Fuego

It’s an up and down week for the gang, particularly the Iceman. On the one hand, the news of Tiger Woods’ return to Augusta should’ve been good enough to carry the Chairman through the week, perhaps the rest of the month. On the other hand, it’ll take more than a washed up old golfer to make Ice and AJ forget their awful dinner date. In lighter news, there’s a Moonshot movie and Moon Knight show, and no one can figure out which one they actually watched. Before long, the guys ejected and went back to what they do best: eating and rating snacks. The boys flirted with the idea of sub-two hour show but AJ does his best to kill that dream when he waxes poetic about a stupendous Wrestlemania weekend. Grab any snack not made out of sweet corn and monch as you listen.