Ep 186 – LMFAO Schwartz

This week, Jack Jonah Jameson is a full 45 minutes late for the show. Somehow, the fellas are finally able to keep the episode under 2 hours! Once the ball gets rolling, the Iceman recounts the aftermath of last week’s show and what ultimately forced him to buy a keyless smart lock. It doesn’t end there, as the Chairman details a triumphant return to the Big Apple and how everyone should behave when traveling on Amtrak. Elsewhere, AJ The Watcher gives a firm recommend for HBO Max’s latest series du jour, ’Tokyo Vice’, while Ice gives a rather limp-wristed endorsement for ‘The Batman’ flick, soon to be debuting on the same platform. Somewhere along the way, the guys find time to pay tribute to comedy great, Gilbert Gottfried, and local football hero, Dwayne Haskins, both gone far too soon. It’s a lot to take in but somehow it all works, so grab a Zoa Zero Sugar, feel the rush and enjoy a slightly truncated episode.