Ep 190 – Laters Gators

It was a good run while it lasted but like most good things, they can’t last forever. JJ went from arriving late to not at all, as he succumbed to an undisclosed illness. All was not lost though, as Dr. Beats (aka Lloyd) came through to fill the void, and fill it he did. The DRB slid in to help the guys do a proper recap of the recently concluded Moon Knight series on Disney+. Unfortunately, the warm feelings surrounding that Marvel offering didn’t exactly translate when the conversation turned to the much hyped Doctor Strange sequel. Regardless, it’s clear this phase of the MCU has layers, and the guys were not shy about picking through all of them. Oh, and if you’re not into any of that, the Iceman got some new (and decidedly accessible) sneakers from the good folks at Nike. So something for everyone this week! Bury your trauma for 2+ hours and behold the spoilery goodness.