Ep 191 – Exclusive Access

JJJ bounces back from his mystery illness and brings the heat from the jump. The boys welcome him back with a healthy diet of Mexican Pizzas, celebrity tequila, and Carolina Reaper-tinged Cheetos. Once the heat subsides and the dust settles, the boys discuss how UAPs are now the new new and if it’s too soon be scared. Later, AJ and the Iceman take turns shaming JJJ for missing out on season one of HBO’s ‘Winning Time’ and the latest (and tragically popular) season of Netflix’s “Bling Empire”. Eventually, the guys shift gears from trashy TV to tech mergers and acquisitions. There’s a little bit of MCU sprinkled in too, as the boys collectively lay eyes on the new She-Hulk trailer. So grab a tall glass of ice, splash it with margarita mix, and have yourself a listen. Subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you consume this shlock. And support the show directly by donating on our Anchor page (https://anchor.fm/badslant).