Ep 197 – It’s Canon

Between summer trips, traffic jams, and bodily injuries, you would think this week would be an ideal time for the boys to take a holiday break. But with all the Disney+ happenings, NBA news, and MCU shenanigans to dissect, you know that wasn’t in the cards. With the Iceman on his scheduled leave, AJ & JJ take the opportunity to do a deeper (i.e. nerdier) dive into the recently concluded Obi Wan Kenobi series, and opinions are split to say the least. Of course, you can’t talk Disney without checking in on the MCU, where developments are trickling in, albeit from unexpected sources. In related news, the show nearly derails when AJ brings up Rolling Stone’s latest clickbait list-icle, this one focused on Superhero flicks. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed. Outside the nerd realm, the guys tiptoe into NBA free agency, where the biggest stories ranged from nutty (see the New York Knicks) to inexplicably nuttier (see Kyrie Irving). Grab a cold marg and have a listen before someone else decides to go on vacation.