Ep 202 – Leaders On A Mission

Ice returns from his most recent vacation, and the boys immediately delve into why a certain, local professional baseball team seemingly hates its fans. Later, AJ gives everyone a quick blackjack update, providing a glimpse at real degenerate behavior. In more fashionable news, JJ recounts the ups and downs from a busy Yeezy Day 2022, detailing both his Ls and Ws. Toward the end, the boys try to determine if the the fate of the BatGirl movie is just a good business move or an ominous sign for HBOMax as a whole. Mercifully, the boys finally review the Comman-Ders’ new fight song for the upcoming season, and spoiler alert: It’s as bad as you think. Grab an Irish coffee, give this a listen, and avoid FedEx Field at all costs.