Ep 205 – Jennifer Simpson

The OG Moderator returns but with a twist, as it’s another remote show. And as with most remote shows, there were technical difficulties and a surprise new voice filter employed exclusively for the live stream. After getting through the initial shock and awe, the boys discuss whether the Ices of the world should have to pay extra for seemingly standard features on an EV built and sold by a certain psychotic billionaire. In other news, after an all too brief debate about superior Jessica Alba movies, the guys discuss Iceman’s regularly scheduled upgrade cycle, which just happens to coincide with the upcoming iPhone and Apple Watch event. Finally, even in his weakened state, the Watcher did what he does best, watching a plethora of TV shows, most notably HBO’s House of the Dragon. Grab a soothing lozenge, wash it down with hot tea and enjoy another 2 hour jaunt.