Ep 206 – Jack and Fergie

On the heels of AJ & JJ hacking up their collective lungs last week, the boys decided to gather at the Batcave to power through a fresh episode. The fellas discussed ‘Untold’, the documentary series about Manti Te’o and his infamous catfishing experience that captivated a nation. After a beat, the guys thoroughly shamed JJ for not catching any of the She-Hulk series  or the second episode of ‘House of the Dragon’. They eventually relented, at which point, the Iceman recapped BlackPink’s inaugural VMA performance, before openly pining for the nostalgia of VMAs passed. Finally, the BS crew debated which Hong Kong classic they’d watch on National Cinema Day (because how do you choose). Grab your favorite cough suppressant and have a listen… until the booze kicks in good and proper of course.