Ep 258 – Seemingly Titanium

We celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Badslant Podcast with another episode without AJ. The Iceman and the New Moderator are powered by new Tech and give you their honest reviews of the latest iPhone 15 Pro and Apple Watch Ultra 2. On this week’s “Who Ruined It?”, the fellas discuss AJ’s obsession with a certain NFL team and give their picks for the show’s Week 4 group bet. They dive deep into the story that is gripping the nation, TAY + TRAV (Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce rumored relationship). The topics gets saucy with talks of Heinz “Seemingly Ranch” and McDs 2 new sauces, with one having local ties to the DC area. Grab a chicken tender, dip it in ketchup and ranch, and have a listen.