Ep 280 – Little Ice Cubes

It’s a strange episode, with The New Mod (JJ) running the show, The Old Mod (AJ) sliding in at the 11th hour. Weirdness aside, the fellas didn’t skip a beat. After a long haul to Studio B, AJ provides the latest updates on the Road to Wrestlemania, only this time, it features thongs. The boys discuss Cam Newton’s now infamous fight clip and the sad state of youth sports in ‘Merica. They pivot from that awful thing to another: Wendy’s proposed dynamic pricing plan, the public backlash to it, and their immediate retreat. They round out the show by paying final respects to the dozens of Outback steakhouses closing their doors and the Apple car that will never see the light of day. Good night, sweet princes. Anyway, enjoy the show!