Ep 288 – Watchalong!

Ice is on excursion this week so naturally, things got weird. In the midst of X-Men fever, AJ and JJ host the first BS watchalong for episode 7 of the series. It’s an interesting experiment to say the least. (FWIW, the cue to begin the episode is at the 6 minutes and 35 second mark of this show.) Once the mutant mayhem plays out, the guys touch on the latest Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, which apparently everyone but AJ is dodging like the plague. Of course, the NBA playoffs are in full swing, as is the WNBA pre-season (go figure) so the boys have you covered there as well. And if that weren’t enough, the guys are finally safe to speak honestly and freely about the recent troubles facing America’s tech sweethearts, Apple and Tesla. It’s enough to make you wanna chuck your AR glasses from the window of your runaway EV.